One round of Chemo and five days of Radiation……….

Late Post

The first day of chemo is behind me and it sucks as bad everyone says. Four hours of a comfy chair with tv and snacks are all great, but it’s the four tries at getting a vein (apparently, I’m no longer an easy stick) left me bruised and sore. The Docs had me preloaded with anti-nausea meds for the chemo along with several other IV meds and saline which really helped. The sensations of these deadly chemicals going into your body is kind of indescribable.  Burning, tingling, cold hot, even tickling. Fear runs with them.  I was wondering if there would be an allergic reaction and what form would it take.   Glad the first is over and we can punch on through the rest like the Hi-C guy.

The radiation was as bad as I had predicted. The giant machine with the rotating arms and x-ray/gamma emitters swinging by your body.  “fade in opening scene” of the TV show Incredible Hulk.  (See YouTube) In yesterday’s session, right in the middle of the treatment the machine stops and begins to beep rather anxiously.   Am I getting my first dose of superpowers?  Are paperclips beginning to vibrate in their boxes? Voice comes over the intercom says, “uh, we’re working on its Mr. Farley”.  About a minute later the linear accelerator begins to rumble and assumedly return to producing 1.21 jig a-watts of cancer-killing goodness.   Turns out if the arm of the machine gets too close it shuts down………coulda’ just said that guys, just sayin’ All this going on as my head and shoulders pinned to the table in a plastic cage.

The radiation treatments are routine, leave me feeling warm, sun burny and my voice very hoarse.  These usually begin to subside after a few hours.  Importantly, keeping the exterior skin moist is important so you don’t end up with a two-tone neck and throat. I have noticed that eating and drinking has changed a bit. So, I suspect there is some swelling and food does taste very different.

Note: this post was not posted due to illness, shortly after writing this I came down with the flu.  New entries follow.

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