The first week of treatment went pretty well. I noticed the changes taking place. Taste etc.  Chemo was a relative “non-event” or, so I thought.

By Friday, Laura and I are ready to head home for the weekend, so we pack up the dog and head north. Laura says she doesn’t feel good which is normal for a road trip.  A few hours later and were home.  It should be worth mentioning at this point that my attitude over the week soured a bit. And I am pretty cranky.

We dump everything in the living room and go to bed.  I sleep through the night for the first time in a week and get up early with Oreo.  We watch tv and both of us fall asleep again.  I wake up and it’s 11 am and Laura is still not up so I go to get her and as soon as I open the bedroom door……. there is a groan.  Seems she has been up-all-night with the flu and its associated gifts.  By night time, I have a full-blown case.

Sunday morning and Laura’s’ feeling better and my case is just hitting its stride.  Nothing is staying in me. Can’t drink water or eat.  Even the mention of throwing up triggers a wretch-fest in me that lasts 10 minutes…. way past dry heaves.

I’m due in the radiation lab Monday morning and the thought of sitting in a car for hours makes me even sicker and my mind cannot comprehend the idea of being locked to the table with a bite-block filling my mouth and then deciding that I have to puke.  I figure that the last thing they want in the building is a sicky along with all those others who are compromised, I make the decision to call and cancel my appointment. I get no argument from the boss, so I call the hospital and the pressure is off. By Monday night I haven’t thrown up for a day and can drink water. We head south and make my Tuesday appointment.  I’m still sick and badly dehydrated, and weak.  I think the nurse should give the once over, she agrees.  Blood pressure-bad, heart rate-all over the map.   Good to go.

I saw my oncologist after the treatment and she thinks the severity of the flu was caused by chemo a week earlier…….ugh.

By Wednesday, I’m back to 80% and a half decent human.  My blessed wife……. why she doesn’t kill me in my sleep is beyond me.

From this day forward, I will be a nice man and actively filter what comes out of my mouth.  I promise sweetheart.  No, really, trust me.

By the way, we both had our flu shots.  Get yours NOW.

1.5 weeks into treatment

No change in tumor size

Lost 18 pounds with the flu.

Smooth sailing from here. (PLEASE)

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